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Best Things To Buy In December And January

When the weather outside turns damp and chilly, that’s no reason to hibernate. Rather than succumb to cabin fever, people can use the winter months as the perfect time to visit area stores and score a few deals.

Savvy shoppers understand that key items go on sale at specific points throughout the year. Learning how to shop the sales can lead to considerable savings.

December’s Top Buys

Toys: Toys are perhaps the best items to purchase in December. Apart from Christmas gifts, it is a good time of year to stock up on toys children have coveted, which can be put away for birthday presents or other occasions. Retailers tend to lower toy prices as Christmas approaches.

Holiday décor: Decorative holiday items also tend to be heavily discounted in December. Stores slash prices on ornaments, gift wrap, artificial trees, holiday-themed baking items, and much, much more. If it has a passing connection to the holidays, chances are stores will cut prices by 50 percent or more once Christmas is over.

Televisions: It’s possible to find discounted TVs even after the Black Friday sales have come and gone. Keep eyes trained on the circulars and jump when sales are advertised, as inventory may be limited.

Bubbly: Competition in the market will help drive down the cost of champagne and other sparkling wines. According to the wine resource GuildSomm, 22 percent of all champagne sales are run during the month of December.

Shop Smart In January

Winter apparel: As the winter progresses, the amount of clothing stock in stores starts to dwindle to free up room for a new season’s worth of attire. Starting in late December and continuing into the latter half of January, retailers are eager to liquidate their stock of scarves, sweaters, boots, and winter coats. This is a prime time to replenish wardrobes.

Linens: ‘White sales’ are traditionally in January, with home goods retailers running discounts all month long. These sales generally encompass towels, bed sheets, curtains, and other linens.

Fitness items: January is the ideal time to purchase a new gym membership or fitness equipment since these purchases tie into New Year’s resolutions to get fit. Gyms may waive extra fees or offer discounted rates.

Travel and entertainment: Most people return home after the holidays, and that can generate a slow travel season afterward. The travel industry attracts new customers with discounted hotel rates and other deals. Tickets to Broadway shows and other theaters also may be discounted to encourage people to leave the house.