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The Bright Side Of Small Holiday Celebrations
small celebration
While holiday celebrations may need to be scaled back this year, small gatherings can produce some pleasant, unanticipated benefits.

To say the novel coronavirus COVID-19 changed life would be an understatement. Due to COVID-19, the way people interact with one another has changed dramatically over the last several months. Despite this, the public has proven very resilient and adaptive, often finding a silver lining while confronting challenges that might once have seemed insurmountable.

The holidays are one aspect of life that have been modified as people continue to navigate the new normal. It’s easy to lament the fact that extended family may not be able to travel or celebrate the holidays together. However, there is something to be said for small celebrations. The following are some of the positive aspects of scaling back holiday festivities.

More personal: Certainly it can be great to see distant cousins or old college roommates for the holidays. But the more people who you see each holiday season, the less personal interaction you get. When the holidays are scaled back, dinner becomes more intimate and everyone can exchange gifts and see their loved ones’ reactions.

Reduced expenses: Putting out an extensive holiday spread and entertaining 10 or more people can be expensive. Small gatherings are less expensive because there are fewer mouths to feed.

Ability to splurge: On the other side of the financial coin, having fewer people for the holidays means one can indulge on items that may not be possible when hosting a crowd. Therefore, if chicken was normally on the menu, it could be possible to upgrade to a roast or something indulgent like lobster and other seafood. In addition, a small holiday celebration may free up the budget to spend more on gifts.

Special touch: When there are only a few people celebrating, hosts can go the extra mile to give celebrations a special touch. Create a special holiday dessert even if the recipe is time-consuming. In addition, immediate family can pile into the car to tour the neighborhood decorations, something that may not be as manageable with a motorcade of relatives.