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California Grapes Are Test Kitchen Stars

Celebrity chef, best-selling author, and registered dietitian Ellie Krieger demonstrated the versatility of California grapes during a test kitchen seminar at the Des Moines, Iowa headquarters of Meredith Corporation, home to some of the top magazines and social media websites in the country.

Krieger discussed how California grapes can be paired with many other ingredients to create a perfect blend of taste, texture, and nutrition. Editors were given the chance to pair fresh, pickled, and roasted California grapes with many different proteins and grains to create a unique dish of their own. Even drinks with grapes were featured, including a California grape agua fresca.

“The goal of the test kitchen seminar was to really give the editors a chance to taste and see for themselves just how versatile California grapes can be,” said Jeff Cardinale, vice president communications for the California Table Grape Commission. “Once the editors have that opportunity to experience California grapes in their own, unique way, they can take those ideas to the pages of their magazines.”

To help inspire editors, Krieger also showcased three new recipes featuring California grapes: Jerk Roasted Chicken with California Grape Salsa, Saffron Cauliflower Rice with California Grapes, and a Grape Upside-Down Olive Oil Cake.

In addition to the recipes, the emerging research showing the positive benefits consuming California grapes has on heart, brain, and colon health was discussed.

Among the magazines represented at the test kitchen seminar were Better Homes and Gardens, Eating Well, Traditional Home, and the social media website AllRecipes.