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Celebrate Valentine’s Day In A Socially Distant Manner
There are a variety of options to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a socially distant manner this year.

The last year has been challenging for social butterflies, as the COVID-19 pandemic has limited opportunities to socialize in person with close friends and family members.

Social distancing guidelines affected various holidays throughout 2020, but such guidelines were issued after Valentine’s Day 2020. Valentine’s Day may be the easiest holiday to celebrate while still adhering to social distancing restrictions. After all, Valentine’s Day is typically a day to spend time alone with the person you love.

The following are seven socially distant Valentine’s Day celebration ideas.

Order a take-out dinner for two from a favorite local restaurant. It gives you the night off from cooking and helps support a small business.

Watch a romantic movie on your preferred streaming service.

Treat each other to a pair of cozy pajamas and spend the day under the covers catching up on cuddles and rest.

Bundle up and, if weather allows, take a hand-in-hand stroll through a park or favorite sightseeing spot. Just follow any protocols for remaining safe, such as wearing masks.

Those who reside in climates that are mild in February can rent a small boat and enjoy a few hours on the open water far away from others.

Purchase the ingredients to a recipe you both enjoy and prepare the meal together. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert.

Take turns giving one another back massages at home.

These are just some of the ways Valentine’s Day can be enjoyed safely while adhering to pandemic-related safety guidelines.