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Columbia College Presents Art Exhibition On Campus
Columbia Art
Works by Columbia College Art Professor Li Ching Accurso will be on display through Oct.18 in the Columbia College Manzanita Building Rotunda on the campus in Sonora.

“Pain and Beyond” – a collection of oil and mixed media paintings, completed between 2011 – 2018 by Columbia College Art Professor, Li Ching Accurso, is now on display through Tuesday, Oct.18 in the Columbia College Manzanita Building Rotunda, 11600 Columbia College Drive, Sonora. The upper level of the Manzanita Building is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

During the period Accurso worked on these pieces, she was experimenting with materials combined with oil, such as glitter, confetti, and fabric.

The ceramics that are on display were produced between 1996 – 2009, when the professor was continually discovering new expressive possibilities with clay.

Accurso began painting small watercolors in February, 2022, as a convenient medium to travel with, and a discipline for painting from observation.

“In all my work, I want to express strong emotions of joy, color, hope, and enthusiasm,” she said.

A Taiwanese-American woman artist, Accurso has served as a full-time member of the art faculty at Columbia College since 1995. She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from UC Berkeley in Painting and was a Fulbright scholar.

“This is a beautiful and impressive collection of work,” said Columbia College President Lena Tran. “We invite the wider community to come and enjoy this exhibition.”

For information on the artwork, contact Li Ching Accurso at 209-588-1530 or Paintings not included in this exhibition are available for viewing and purchase. Instagram: lichingaccurso, Facebook, or