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Custom meat options in Modesto, Stockton
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The Chopping Block Butcher Shop and Deli in Modesto is reminiscent of the old meat counters from yesteryear.

The steaks you cook are only as good as ones you buy.

That’s according to the Chopping Block Butcher Shop and Deli at 2625 Coffee Rd.

It’s there that you can pick up a prime New York along with many cuts including grass-fed beef.

Choice meats and cuts also include fresh pork, lamb and poultry.

The Chopping Block is reminiscent of the days when folks knew their butcher by first name.

“Rarely do find anyone on hand to help you in the meat section of your large supermarket or box store – They work behind the ‘glass’ meat department (and) are right up front to help you and answer your question,” said the official website (

Newcomers such as Pete from Modesto paid a visit to the Butcher Shop back in January and came away impressed.

“I wanted bone in the lamb chops and they were fabulous,” he said. “The butcher gave me a tour and discussed what he sells.

“He really took the time and made me feel welcomed.”

Among the choice meats and cuts at the Chopping Block include: filet mignon, trip tip roast, boneless chuck roast, boneless pork chops, pork roast, baby back ribs, pork spareribs, boneless chicken breast, leg of lamb, veal chops, buffalo tri tip, ground buffalo, and duck.

The grass-fed selection – from Pacific Pastures and Open Space Meats in Newman – consists of tri tip roast, rib eye, NY steak, filet mignon and hamburger.

The marinated meat choices are: carne asada, skirt steak, boneless short ribs, trip tip, and boneless chicken breast.

When it comes to fresh handmade sausages, the selection here is as followed: mild Italian, hot Italian, Cajun, Polish, garlic basil, linguisa, jalapeno herb, Italian herb cheese, Hungarian, beer brats, Greek turkey, tomato basil brats, red hot, andouille, maple, Swiss style, and Mexican chorizo, to name a few.

In addition, the Chopping Block carries an assortment of dry rubs and marinades.

Pete, for one, applauds this place, calling it a “small, new, quality business in town.”

Once upon a time, the area was known for Richland Markets.

The father of John Pallios and Denise Pallios Zagaris started the family-owned business in 1951 along with his two brothers.

At its peak, Richland had seven locations in four cities.

The last Richland Market closed in 2012. But John and Denise, both second generation grocers, were not ready to call it quits.

Instead, the brother and sister team along with John’s wife Judy had a vision of starting an old fashion butcher shop and deli. The Chopping Block would be a smaller version of the Richland Market that they grew up with, maintaining that personal friendly customer service and knowledgeable staff.

Information: Ph. 209.408.8850.




Yosemite Meat Market & Deli: This locally own and operated business at 915 Yosemite St. is where patrons come for a bite at the deli for lunch and take a custom-cut steak home for dinner.

Information: Ph. 209.466.7357.

Alegria Meat Market: This full-service meat shop (butcher included to provide that custom cut) and barbecue place is one of those best-kept secrets in town.

Alegria is at 2517 E. Fremont St, and is locally owned and operated by a father-son team.


Information: Ph. 209.943.0858.