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Dodge Ridge: Beat the blahs with snow
dodge ridge


209 Living

So it’s cold outside.

And it’s wet. And it’s windy. And all of those fun summer things that you enjoy doing to unwind – playing golf, going swimming, taking the kids to the park – won’t be an option for at least a couple more months.

So what do you do when sitting inside of the house is driving you stir crazy and you’re feeling a bad case of the winter blahs setting in?

Here are two places within the 209 area code that are sure to take away any blue that is setting in and put a much needed smile back onto your face.

*Dodge Ridge – This is kind of a stretch since this is almost to Strawberry on Highway 108, but it still falls well within the 209 area code even if it will take you two hours to drive up there.

For the first time in several years, “the closest snow to home” has an actual abundance of snow to work with – turning the runs and the slopes and the trails into something that die-hard winter sports fan can enjoy for an extended period of time.

No more settling for spring conditions during the three-month window that they’re open for business. This is real snow, and that means a really good time.

While it’s not exactly getting away from the winter around run but actually running full-steam towards it, there’s nothing more exhilarating in this world than feeling the cold across your face when you’re cooking down an empty ski run and staring out at the forests and the mountains that are all around you. If you plan your trip right, clear blue skies will make this a day unlike something we’ve had locally in over a week now, so slip in your earbuds and put on some Bob Marley and be at one with the mountain and Mother Nature.

You can thank me for the suggestion later. 1 Dodge Ridge Road, PInecrest CA.

*FunWorks – The majority of the things that this East Modest family destination provides can’t really be utilized this time of year. It’s too cold to ride the bumper boats, play putt putt golf or ride around the split-level track on go karts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the indoor activities that keep kids entertained for hours, and aren’t outrageously expensive to partake in.

As part of nearly every attraction pass, the “treehouse” – a slide maze coupled with a jungle gym and ball pit – is always teeming with children who appreciate the freedom and the fun that the structure gives them. Regardless of their age, this is good for hours of entertainment, and will likely lead to multiple repeat trips.

And who doesn’t like playing video games or ticket-dispensing machines? Whether you want to see how hard you can kick a soccer ball or how many baskets you can make in 30 seconds, there’s something here for everybody. If you’re good enough at any of them, you might just get to go home with a prize at the end of the day – one of the biggest draws for kids as they walk around the glass counter starry-eyed at everything before them.

It might not be as good as getting outside, but it definitely beats staying cooped up in the house. 4307 Coffee Road, Modesto.