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Fetch, friends and fun in Turlock
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Moti the Husky and Hunter the American Eskimo play in the grass at Swanson Centennial Dog Park. RIGHT


209 staff reporter

For Turlock dog owners and lovers alike, the Swanson Centennial Dog Park is the perfect spot for a day of fetch. With its spacious lawn and shady sycamore trees, it’s no wonder that the gated space is always packed with four-legged community members.

The Swanson Centennial Dog Park opened in 2014 and is a one-size-fits all park; instead of separate play areas for both small and large dogs, the canines can romp together in one large space. It truly is a park that attracts dogs of all shapes and sizes, from tiny Chihuahuas to massive Malamutes.

The park typically comes alive in the evening, with packs of dogs wrestling and playing in the grass as the sun sets over the nearby Highway 99.

“I like the ambiance of the park,” said Turlock resident and dog owner Danielle Sanchez. “It’s fun to see all of the different breeds of dogs and the unique people that own them.”

For dog owner Lisa Yadav of Turlock, the park is the perfect spot to bring her Husky, Moti, but also make friends who share her love for dogs.

“It’s kind of a community,” said Yadav. “It builds social skills for the dogs and we get to make like-minded friends. People have a lot to share with each other about dog behavior; we help each other understand the dogs.”

Along with friends, memories that last a lifetime can also be made at the dog park.

“Another dog had his birthday party here the other day,” said Yadav. “There were presents and everything.”

Though the Swanson Centennial Dog Park is a place where pups come to have fun, there are still rules. All dogs must be licensed with tags displayed on their collar, and only vaccinated dogs older than four months are permitted. Dogs need to be neutered and may not be in heat or show any signs of illness or aggression. Dog waste is to be collected and properly disposed of by the dog’s owner, who must remain in the fenced area with vocal control over their dog at all times. And, of course, animals other than dogs are prohibited.


The park is located at 2101 Pinto Way in Turlock. From Highway 99, take the Monte Vista Avenue exit. Turn right onto Countryside Drive, then left onto Tuolumne Road. One more right onto Pinto Way and you’re there. With just a few trips, your furry friend may have the route memorized before you do.