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Fitness Trainer Ruben Andujo enjoying a healthy smoothie.

Tailors program,

location to each

client’s needs



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 Ruben Andujo owner of Andylu Nutrition and Fitness is all about helping people develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 As a Certified Fitness Trainer Andujo has done most of his training out of CALfit gym located at 441 N. Main St. in Manteca. However, he is not limited to just that location and is excited about expanding in 2016.

 “This year, I’m really looking to branch out,” he said.


And by branching out he means, helping more people in the community get fit both physically and mentally so they can better enjoy their life.

 The Manteca fitness guru found the inspiration to open his own business after observing how some trainers in the larger fitness organizations interacted with their clients.

  “My first experience with the conglomerates was that some of the trainers seemed to be impersonal and a little bit cookie cutter [in their approach], so I decided to become a fitness trainer and offer something much more personal.”

 The personal connection the trainer offers begins the moment he meets someone who is interested in improving their health. “When I sit down with someone for a consultation I am not giving a sales pitch. I am asking questions about their fitness goals, what it is they want to do and how I can help them meet that goal.”

 During the in-depth consultation Andujo does three things:

 ·Creates a sense of clarity about the healthy body a client really wants to have.

·Discovers the number one thing stopping the client from having a healthy body.

·Identifies the most powerful actions that will move his client toward the health.

 After completing a personal health and nutrition assessment Andujo then does something that not all fitness organizations do — he develops a fitness program designed specifically for the client based on their needs.

 Part of each specialized program includes debunking different myths about weight loss, fads, supplements and other fitness gimmick’s and in turn teaching clients how to properly achieve a healthy lifestyle through a nutrition and exercise program that can easily be implemented every day.

 One of the many benefits of being an independent contractor is that Andujo doesn’t have to meet a particular quota with clients, instead, he simply meets people right where they are at and often that means meeting them in their home.

“I offer in home training because many people are not comfortable in a gym environment or they have their own equipment but don’t know how to use it. So I teach them in the comfort of their own home,” he said.

 Not only are all in home sessions convenient but they are reported to law enforcement for safety and comfortability for both client and trainer and also offer benefits such as:


·No sharing the locker rooms

·Nutrition consultation done in your own kitchen

·Efficient supervised workouts

·No need to commute to the gym

·No need to wait for a machine

·Save money on gym membership while still being professionally trained

 Based on each client’s unique needs rates for personal fitness training can vary however a standard session with Andujo typically costs $30.

 As 2016 begins Andujo is looking to break new ground, particularly in the area of his professional speaking in which he speaks on topics such the reality of basic nutrition, what it means to live a healthy lifestyle or how busy people can still eat healthy when they are on the go.

 Whether it’s one-on-one training, in-home sessions or speaking to a crowd, Andujo’s goal is the same. Connect with people, educate them on what it means to be healthy and then help them reach their goals.



For more information, visit or call (209) 898.2746.