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Hectic Holiday Schedule Demands Time Management
Holiday time
The holidays are festive, fun and full of things to do. Organization can help ensure all of those things actually get done.

The holiday season is a busy time of year when there is much to accomplish. But everyday life continues during the holiday season, and that can make the month of December feel like a juggling act.

Organization is one of the keys to managing the holiday season, and the following are a handful of strategies to stay organized during the holiday rush.

Write it down

Moving things that need to be done from the recesses of the brain to a physical piece of paper or note-taking app on a mobile device can be quite helpful. Break down and sort tasks into categories or list them in chronological order, prioritizing those tasks that need to be completed first. Cross off tasks as they’re completed.

Buy gifts early

Shopping is one of the biggest stressors of the holiday season. The longer you wait to begin shopping, the longer the lines will be at the store when you finally get going. Instead, make a list of gift ideas early in the season and start shopping as soon as possible when you can take advantage of seasonal bonus deals or free shipping.

Pick social events wisely

You cannot be everywhere at the same time. And even if it’s possible to attend 10 holiday parties in a row, that can easily lead to burnout. Attend those gatherings that mean the most to you. If you’re struggling to choose between events, attend those that seem the easiest to handle. Recognize that you will have to say no to others; just do so with finesse.

Have go-to supplies

Got invited to a last-minute gathering? Need a gift in a pinch? It is helpful to have a running stock of hostess and other gifts at the ready. Stock up on delicious, yet reasonably priced bottles of wine. Have a few gift cards to a favorite retailer handy. Put together a care package of movie ticket vouchers and jumbo candy boxes. And don’t forget to find an easy, no-bake recipe and keep the ingredients on hand so you can arrive in style with a homemade dessert.