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Manteca Mexican market features old-fashioned meat counter
ROSITA Owner George Toscano Green Shirt and Staff copy
The staff at Carniceria Rositas Market.

Carniceria Rosita Market in Manteca started as a small store, offering basic grocery items to a limited amount of customers. 

Over time, through hard work, commitment and a strong desire to please customers, owner George Toscano along with his employees grew the store into a full blown, successful supermarket that offers a large variety of grocery and paper products, a bakery department and catering services for parties and events serving foods such as rice, beans, tamales, chicken, and pork.  The supermarket also includes a well-established meat department complete with old school butchers known for customizing cuts of prime meat for their now wide range of customers.

 Employee Jose Mendoza gives insight to the stores growing success, “We always give the customers what they want.  And we are all pretty well united here and help each other out.”

 Working in the meat department for almost a year under the leadership of long time market employees Nacho and Chalio, Mendoza has learned the value of catering to customers the old-fashioned way.

 “If customers ask for something specific and it’s within our means, we do it.  We always want to get that customer satisfaction.”

 While many grocery stores are now opting for pre-packaged meat without every connecting butcher and customer together, Mendoza and other members of Carniceria Rosita meat department seek out their customers, make a personal connection and find out what types of meat and portions their customers really want.

 By making a personal connection with customers and cutting meat specifically to their liking, Mendoza has noticed that many customers opt for having a butcher cut their meat selection due to the quantity of meat in packages.  Depending on needs, some customers want less than the packaged meat offers, others what more, especially if they are planning a party or an event.

 When it comes to planning food for events having the help of a good butcher has proven to be beneficial, particularly in the Hispanic community as Mendoza has noticed.

 “Sometimes what happens among the Mexican culture is that they get so much food that it ends up going to waste because they couldn’t prepare it all, or they end up cooking all of it and it doesn’t get eaten.  It’s a lot better for everyone involved if they have meat freshly cut, whether a little or a lot, depending on their need.”

 With the many cuts of meat to choose from according to Mendoza, customers at Carniceria Rosita Market seem to favor the seasoned ranchera, chicken, chorizo and whatever is listed as the departments special selection which changes every 15-days.  “We always have something on special and customers love it.”

 Whether it’s a carton of eggs, cheese, paper good, pasteles or custom cut prime meat from a trusted butcher, you can find it all at Carniceria Rosita Market.


 The store is located at 1080 N. Main Street in Manteca and is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information call (209)239-6238.