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Modesto online firm keeps people saddled up
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209 Staff Reporter

It’s no surprise that residents of the 209 and the rest of the Central Valley have an ever-growing need for farm or ranch equipment. All across the valley, ranch owners are faced with the task of saddling up accordingly and finding the right fit for their needs.

One local businessman has been a go-to source for all their equestrian needs.

Sachin Dass is the owner of a company called Saddle Liquidators, an online one-stop shop where customers can find everything from saddle harnesses to rawhide reins.

Dass started out working in the saddle sale business nearly 25 years ago working for a similar business in the bay area. After working in the bay for ten years and seeing his former boss retire, he moved to Modesto to start his own business.  

“I decided at the time that I had to do something on my own and this is what I knew how to do best,” said Dass. “I moved to Modesto because there is a lot more of a farming community around the central valley.”

Saddle Liquidators serves a rather large portion of its clientele via online commerce. Using sources such as Amazon and EBay, Dass has accumulated approximately 90 to 95 percent of his total customer base using online sources.

“Back when I worked in the Bay Area, it was much more wholesale because there was no Internet,” said Dass. “After I moved out here and started my own business it became primarily online.”

Saddle Liquidators offers a wide variety of product types, styles and sizes to fit every horse lover’s dream. Also, with most of his products being imported, Saddle Liquidator’s product line even comes in at less than half the retail price of other companies.

You can check out their store online at or even download their mobile app on either Apple or Android devices.