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Must-Haves For Your Paddy’s Day Party
St. Paddy's

St. Patrick’s Day is a festive occasion marked by parades, live music and, of course, the color green.

Many people look forward to Paddy’s Day. That anticipation makes hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party a big responsibility. In recognition of that, the following are some must-haves that hosts won’t want to forget this St. Patrick’s Day.


When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, cuisine, hosts should not overlook the importance of providing some staples that people have grown to expect on March 17. Corned beef and cabbage might not be the most authentic Irish meal, but it’s become synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and therefore earned its place on your Paddy’s Day menu. Hosts can start the day off right by whipping up a pre-parade traditional Irish breakfast, complete with eggs, Irish bacon, white and black pudding, and brown bread. Hosts need not feel beholden to cuisine exclusive to Ireland or those that have become synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, but making sure at least one such dish is available is guaranteed to please your guests.


Music contributes greatly to the festive atmosphere on St. Patrick’s Day. If there are any musicians in your social circle, and particularly any fiddlers or pipers, enlist their services for the party. If live music isn’t possible, arrange a playlist featuring some of the Emerald Isle’s most popular performers, including The Dubliners, The Pogues, The Chieftains, and Christy Moore, among many others.


For many revelers, St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same without Guinness, which is among Ireland’s most famous exports. This world renowned and easily recognizable Irish dry stout traces its origins to 1758, when Arthur Guinness began creating it at his brewery at St. James’s Gate in Dublin. The black beer and its familiar white head instantly evoke images of Ireland for millions of people across the globe. While hosts outside of Ireland might not be able to find a keg of the black stuff for their Paddy’s Day party, it is widely available in cans.


Part of the joy of St. Patrick’s Day is letting your hair down. Whether you can dance an Irish jig or not, don’t hesitate to cut a rug and encourage others to join in the fun. Hosts who set a lighthearted tone will ensure their guests follow suit, guaranteeing a fun time will be had by all.