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Rules Reminder Issued For Snow Play Days

With the effect of El Nino being felt, there will be plenty of opportunities this winter to head out for some snow play. Authorities have issued some reminders about how to have a safe snow day, especially in areas with designed ‘snow play’ areas.

The California Highway Patrol lists these tips:

Make sure you are properly prepared for your travel into the high country.

Have chains available as the conditions in the mountains can change quickly. The roadways in the mountains do not dry as fast as the valley roadways due to the lower temperatures and large tree shaded areas.

Make sure you have some extra blankets, food and water in case you become stuck for a long period of time.

Once you arrive in the area to play in the snow, please make sure you do not block the roadway. Your vehicle must be parked completely out of the lanes and not in a designated No Parking Zone.

Keep your friends and family safe by keeping them out of the lanes as well. The highway speed limit in some popular areas for snow play is 55 miles per hour. Do not let your friends and family cross the highway, this is very dangerous.

Be courteous to everyone in the area as they are in the mountains to enjoy time with their friends and family also.


One last thing is to make sure what you bring to the mountains should be taken home or thrown away properly in the garbage. We do not want the mountains to be littered with broken plastic sleds, empty beverage cans or food waste. Stay safe, play safe and most of all be safe.