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Sci-Fi To Superheroes: The Art of Sideshow Collectibles
SciFi Haggins
A new exhibit, Sci-fi to Superheroes: The Art of Sideshow Collectibles, is on view at the Haggin Museum in Stockton, running through Jan. 29, 2023 and featuring fine art prints, three-dimensional figures, and more.

Artists have long created works featuring characters or scenes from popular stories. From the depiction of mythological fantasies in William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s Nymphaeum to Salvador Dali’s dreamlike illustrations of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or Keith Haring’s modern spin on Walt Disney’s Cruella De Vil, the tradition remains common practice in the artworld. The artworks celebrate heroes, tell the tales of glory and heartache, or even express admiration one has for a beloved character. Carrying on the tradition, the artists of Sideshow Collectibles bring to life pop culture icons such as Batman, Ironman, and Luke Skywalker, through fine art prints, three-dimensional figures, and more.

Sci-Fi to Superheroes: The Art of Sideshow Collectibles is a celebration of pop culture and the artists that bring it to life, and is now on display at the Haggin Museum in Stockton. On view are a selection of limited-edition fine art prints and three-dimensional figures featuring characters from iconic brands such as DC, Marvel, and Star Wars created by Sideshow sculptors and artists.

Sideshow Collectibles works with an international group of artists to produce high quality licensed collectible art. Each fine art print or figure connects fans with their favorite characters from film, television, comic books, and popular culture. Stockton native Mat Falls and Greg Anzalone founded Sideshow in 1994. Mat Falls was a principal sculptor for the company creating highly detailed and sculpturally elegant figures. Throughout the years Sideshow has maintained the elevated level of artistry with its high caliber of artists, sculptors, model makers, and painters.

“Sideshow Collectibles is privileged to offer the many superheroes for this wonderful installation at the Haggin Museum,” said Mat Falls. “Whether you favor Marvel or DC, I do believe the show reflects their common ground.”

Falls also expressed immense gratitude to Gracie Bifulco and Brendon Wright with Sideshow for their time and commitment.

“With efforts by so many, including the Haggin’s CEO Susan Obert and museum staff, this project has become a reality,” he said. “I am proudly Stockton raised and a big fan of the Haggin. Thank you to everyone involved.”

The exhibit, Sci-fi to Superheroes: The Art of Sideshow Collectibles is on view through Jan. 29, 2023.

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