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Southern favorites served at French 25
french 25 roofrtop
Photos contributed The outdoor patio roof-top dining at downtown Stocktons French 25 restaurant.


209 staff reporter

Creole cooking is a style with French, Spanish, West African, Amerindian, German, Italian and Irish Influence.

But you don’t have to travel to the French Quarters to enjoy the Louisiana flavors.

French 25 in Stockton was inspired by the neighborhood in New Orleans, serving up Chicken-N-Waffles and other quality dishes in the area since 2013.

Located in the historic Stockton Hotel, 110 N. El Dorado St., French 25 offers up Southern favorites such as beignet, gumbo, po’ boy,  jambalaya, oysters, etouffee, and grits, to name a few.

 Aaron of Auburn calls the food here “the best Cajun cuisine this side of Louisiana.”

He added: “Everything I’ve tried, from the gumbo to the blackened chicken and shrimp, to the alligator and beignets have been delicious.”

General Manager Tony Talbot called French 25’s New Orleans-themed cuisine and unique cocktails are “like nothing else anywhere.”

He initially started out in the restaurant business as a way to make a few bucks. Talbot soon discovered that he had a passion for this endeavor.

Now he has folks coming in from various areas to stop by and enjoy the Creole flavors of French 25.

Take Kristian.

He came in from Sacramento to enjoy the classy yet casual ambiance. Kristian was wowed by the spectacular view of the Deep Water Channel while enjoying his order of French onion soup, blackened catfish and, of course, the beignets.

Kristian came away with a great dining experience.

“The soup was done perfectly with a good rich onion stock and a healthy dose of cheese and bread. The cast was really spicy and cooked well and the beignets (brought) a nice light end to the meal,” he said.

French 25, in addition, has the roof top experience saved for special occasions including a recent high school reunion.

Those who are fortunate to take in the view from above are treated to an awesome sight of Stockton along the waterways.

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