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Stockton customizing firm specializes in hydrographics
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Atomic Hydro Graphics in Stockton can color chrome-spray anything on two wheels or four.

209 Living reporter

William Penberthy is looking to someday customize his BMX bike.

The 20-year-old Stocktonian has looked at various designs over the past few months, searching for that unique something.

He may have found just the place to give his bike that extra sparkle in Atomic Hydro Graphics, 7602 Murray Dr., Suite 110, Stockton.

Part of the motto here is: “We can customize anything by Hydro Graphic dipping and / or with the new innovative color chrome spraying.”

Hydrographic is a process of using water to transfer ink from a water soluble film on to any surface that can be painted. This method can be applied to printed designs on to three-dimensional surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass, hard woods or various other materials.

Atomic Hydro Graphics specializes in customizing cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Whether it’s color chrome-spraying that 20-inch bike frame – as what Penberthy has in mind with his BMX – or doing the water transfer printing process to decorate items ranging from all-terrain vehicles, car dashboard or motorcycle helmet, places like Atomic Hydro Graphics have the skills and resources to do just that.


Atomic Hydro Graphics is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Mondays through Fridays.


For more information, call 209.430.6615 or log on to