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Stockton, Lodi parks can be doggone fun
lodi park
A pet owner runs his dog through the play / agility course at Barkleyville Park in Stockton.


209 staff reporter

Not too long ago, I took Shorty, Shaggy and Lulu to Barkleyville Dog Park at Feather River Park in Stockton.

Shorty and Lulu are my two small terrier-mixed dogs while Shaggy is predominately Lhasa apso. This was their chance to frolic with the other dogs of similar size and stature in this section of the four-acre facility featuring three areas – big dog section (over 20 pounds), small dog section (20 pounds and under) and the play / agility course.

The only problem was that my three small dogs appeared overwhelmed with the unfamiliar canines, coming off a bit antisocial in this environment. They stayed at my side during the few times we’ve been there, opting to hang out with me in a remote area of the small dog section of the park.

I was told this was not uncommon for first-timers whether it was the dog or the owner. The key was to make a visit to the dog park part of a regular practice or routine.

This park had plenty of amenities, including benches, dog water fountains and waste bags. It’s also easy access off of Interstate 5 (best bet in getting there is taking the March Lane off ramp on Interstate 5 and going west to Feather River Road, turning north and going a mile up the way, with the park right before the bridge).

My friend JoAnn used to take her daschund to Barkleyville as well as Michael Faklis Park in Spanos Park West, which are two of the three City of Stockton dog parks – Paul E. Weston Park on the corner of EWS Woods Boulevard and Ishi Goto Street in the south Stockton community of Weston Ranch is the other one.

She prefers Beckman Park at 1426 W. Century Blvd. in Lodi. Why not – it’s clean with well-manicured green grass and the local patrons are friendly and welcoming.

Meanwhile, the Faklis Park facility is still fairly new.

By that, there’s not a lot of shaded area available but it does offer up big open space for big dogs to run and romp. The park is divided into two sections for big and small dogs.

This multi-use park is also used for football and soccer practices as well as pick-up basketball games and parties and get-togethers under the gazebo. The dog park is tucked in the back adjacent to the levee and a distant away from the parking lot.

Besides Beckman, Lodi also has Vinewood and Lawrence as the other off-leash dog parks.

Vinewood is at 1824 W. Tokay St. and is fully fenced and covered in green grass with shade trees. There are no restrooms here.

In contrast, the Lawrence Dog Park is at 350 N. Washington St. is not enclosed with fencing but does have available restrooms nearby.

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