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Taste of India awaits diners in Lathrop
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Tracys Dhaba Indian Cuisine is one of a handful of local Indian restaurants that count people from throughout the region as fans.


209 staff reporter

If you eat out at enough restaurants, flavors tend to run together.

Most steak houses will end up tasting the same. Hamburgers will end up tasting the same. Even pasta – if you’re comparing the same dishes from one place to another – will start to taste the same.

So what is one who is looking for culinary adventure to do?

Go East.

If it’s flavor that that you’re searching for and something exotic to give your palate a much-needed shakeup, then Indian food – a delightful mash up of standards and spices that is far different than most other ethnic food – is probably the place to turn.

And there are more than a few Indian food restaurants in the area that are big hits with foodies who enjoy a taste of a different part of the world in their own backyard.

Here are a few to try:

*Rasoi – While it’s easy to find Indian food in larger cities, the highest-rated one in the South County is actually in Lathrop – a community with a burgeoning Indian population. And according to the reviews that it has on Yelp, it’s a good one in deed.

Out of 45 reviews, Rasoi boasts a 4.5 out of 5 rating and has stellar words from people not just in the community, but from elsewhere who have traveled to try its cuisine. The butter chicken seems to be getting most of the positive reviews, but nearly everything on the menu is touted as a favorite or at least a delicious dish by those who have taken the time to let their fellow diners know what the experience is like. 15108 Harlan Road, Lathrop. 209.858.4444.

*Dhaba Indian Cuisine – If you’re planning n heading over to the Bay Area for the night and want some ethnic cuisine before you get there and deal with the crush that most of those restaurants receive in the city on the weekend, Dhaba in Tracy is the place to go. Much like Rasoi, it receives 4.5 stars out of 5 on Yelp with an even larger following – whether it’s Tracy locals, people stopping in on their way home from the commute or adventurous eaters looking for something different than what they’re used to. Whether it’s sweet or spicy, none of the reviews spell anything other than flavorful. 2242 W. Grant Line Road, Tracy. 209.835.9090.


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