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Six-day-a-week devotee of intense Crossfit workouts
Krista 5

Turlock resident Krista Messer is the epitome of the age-old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

With blonde hair and a beaming white smile, Messer seems to be just a bubbly and spirited young adult, at least at first glance. However, if you were to catch Messer at Resident Crossfit in Modesto — sometimes even before the sun rises — you would see a completely different side of her. As a dedicated member of the gym, Messer shatters first impressions with the ability to deadlift nearly 350 pounds and back squat over 280 pounds.

“I try to make it to the gym five to six days a week — Sundays are always a rest day,” said Messer. “We focus on lifting weights, technique and strength. Our Crossfit gym has a combination of Crossfit class, OLY lifting clubs, gymnastics, yoga and mobility.”

Crossfit by definition constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, according to Messer, who said that the fitness regimen includes a workout that hits all muscle groups at a very quick pace.

“The goal is to get you strong and mobile by using movements that you could use in everyday life — for example, deadlifting a heavy box off the floor, being able to climb large flights of stairs without getting winded or putting a heavy item over your head while being stable,” said Messer.

Messer said she first got involved in Crossfit in July 2013 after she heard about the program from her sorority sister, who was involved in a morning Crossfit class at the time. Messer, who was looking into trying a new type of workout aside from boot camps and cardio routines, quickly joined her sorority sister for a class at Crossfit Parabellum in Oakdale.

“I went and immediately fell in love with the combination of weight lifting and full body intensive workouts,” said Messer. “The seven — yes, seven — minute workout was so difficult and taxing on my body. I didn’t officially sign up for a membership until October 2013.”

Fast forward nearly four years and Messer not only finds herself working out almost every day of the week, but even sometimes as early as 5:30 a.m. with the “Zombie Crew” class.

“As with anything, if you are dedicated and want the workout, you will squeeze the time in,” said Messer. “Life gets busy, work runs late. But once you have been doing Crossfit this long, your body feels weird and thrown off if you don’t get a workout in. I find that I feel lethargic and weak if I skip workouts.

“The biggest challenge I face going to the gym that early is engaging my body to lift heavy. Some days are on and I can squat 280, some days are off and pushups are difficult. It just varies and that’s okay,” added Messer.

Messer said that her favorite part about Crossfit is the people she meets. She said there is nothing more rewarding than being there for a teammates first personal record, those “oh wow” moments, and the countless high-fives shared amongst gym members.


“So many people come into the gym thinking they can’t do certain things,” said Messer. “As new members grow alongside veteran members, they see what their bodies are capable of doing. In a crossfit gym, you build bonds and memories that can last a lifetime.”


The most challenging part, however? How sore and tired Messer said she is after a workout, as well as how hard it is for members to find the motivation and courage to show up for another class.


“The first 30 days are always the hardest,” said Messer. “I found myself walking lopsided, extremely tired and very hungry! Once I realized that I just have to keep showing up though, my body adjusted.”


When asked if she considers herself a fitness addict, Messer said that she would consider her involvement in crossfit as more of an addiction to a healthy and strong lifestyle.



“Combining healthier eating habits and high intensity workouts have shown me what amazing things my body is capable of,” said Messer, “and even has gotten me chasing new goals and learning new tricks.”