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Visiting The Most Haunted Places In North America

Mysteries and the macabre take center stage come Halloween. Many people feel that lingering spirits may cling to hotel rooms, hospitals and old buildings. The following are some sites, courtesy of Conde Nast, Reader’s Digest and National Geographic, that may prove pleasing to those who like a taste of the paranormal each October.

Howard Street Cemetery, Salem, Mass.: The Salem Witch Trials were a shocking part of American history. Many different people were accused of witchcraft and sorcery and executed for their alleged crimes. Howard Street Cemetery, where Giles Corey, a convicted offender is buried, is said to host the paranormal.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pa.: This once strict enforcer of solitary confinement was built in 1829 and housed prisoners until 1970. Peals of disembodied laughter, pacing footsteps and shadowy figures have been reported on the premises.

Keg Mansion, Toronto, Ontario: The Keg Mansion was once the private residence of industrialist Hart Massey and his family. Legend states that, after the death of Massey’s daughter Lillian, her maid was so overcome with grief that she took her own life. A ghostly image of a maid hanging by her neck has frequently been reported at the property.

LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans, La.: Marie Delphine LaLaurie was a Louisiana socialite who threw lavish parties. But she also had a dark and grisly side. When a fire broke out in the residence, police responded and discovered mutilated slaves in the attic. LaLaurie fled New Orleans, but it is believed the phantom screams of her victims can still be heard at night.

Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff, Az.: This hotel is purportedly home to various specters and paranormal guests. Room 210 was plagued by someone who hung raw meat from the chandelier. An infant’s wrenching cries have sent people scurrying. And two women who were thrown from the third floor now haunt and try to smother male guests in their sleep.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta: This is the site of a number of terrifying ghost sightings, including an entire murdered family. Many believe a retired head bellman in uniform continues to haunt the hotel.

San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas: This is the oldest church in Texas and is stunning to behold. But during the nighttime, visitors may feel the hair on their necks stand on end. During renovations, workers unearthed bones, nails and military uniforms. Visitors report orbs and shadowy figures in photographs, as well as figures in hooded clothing.

RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, Calif.: This luxury ship carried Hollywood celebrities before being repurposed into a World War II ship that transported troops. Eventually, the ship was permanently docked in California, and is reportedly haunted by those who died aboard, such as a young sailor crushed in the engine room.