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Fishing Report
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Many of you wouldn't believe it but I've been writing the weekly fishing report for nearly two years now. When approached with the opportunity to write a weekly fishing column I immediately thought back on my own experiences with fishing reports. Together my father and I would read the weekly fishing column religiously trying to decipher any hidden clue or secret before our next trip. Many times we would use the exact bait and technique and would come home disappointed. I learned over the years that sometimes doing the complete opposite of what the report said to do seemed to be the key. In the end I've realized that fishing is as simple as having complete confidence in the bait and presentation you are using and not being afraid to be different. As I now run into readers from time to time I want to thank all of you who read and encourage all emails. Even if it's just a general fishing question I'm more than willing to provide an answer for you.

Delta Report:

Fishing right now on the Delta has been reported as being tough for a lot of bass anglers. With the high winds and water movement water clarity has been an issue lately. Bass are reacting to lures such as rattletraps and spinnerbaits but the bigger fish are being caught while flipping and working top water baits. Striper fishing continues to be slow right now but as the water temperatures continue to drop the bite should be picking up. Catfishing remains good right now for those fishing cut bait along the bottom.