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GRABBING AIR Skaters Wow Crowd At Park
Swooping into the bowl, spinning in midair and clattering over the concrete, roller bladers and skate boarders demonstrated their skills to an awed crowd at Riverbank's fourth annual Skate Park Challenge on Saturday.

Eddie Carmen in rollerblading and Daniel Garbez in skateboarding were judged champions for their two-minute individual routine around the whole park. Best of the Bowl awards also went to Garbez on a skateboard and Brandon Stambough on rollerblades.

Additional winners were as follows:


For 18 years and over, first Eddie Carmen with 220 points, second Brandon Stambough with 190 points and third Fader (no first name given) with185 points.

For 11-17 age group, first Juan Martinez with 215 points, and tied for second Jeffery Lutge and Orlando Michel who both scored 185 points.


For 18 and over, first Daniel Garbez with 207.5 points, second Vi Tran with 172.5, third Devin Fuller with 132.5, fourth Curtis Parsons with 110, and fifth Jason Lauborough with 105 points.

For 11-17 age group, first Sean MaLotte with 185 points, Cody Steinberger second with 177.5 points and third Austin Kidd with 162.5 points.