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Horses With History Special Weekend Auction, Team Roping Events Scheduled
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Throughout all of time, successful competition horses can always be traced back to a quality colt from quite a few decades beforehand. This weekend at the Oakdale Rodeo Grounds, there will be a sale on horses bleeding proven blood ready to be purchased and ridden into history.

Several of the horses in the production sale come from a foundation developed through five decades of Driftwood breeding. The family ties to the old horse are incredible. The championship horse has produced millions of dollars in victories on the PRCA circuit and is virtually an icon in the world of team roping horses.

"I think that horse has had the most impact on rodeo horses of any bloodline in the past 60 years," Oakdale's Joe Murray said of the Driftwood. "They just keep showing up generation after generation after generation.

"It's just a real potent bloodline for rodeo horses."

The production sale will be showcasing horses of a proven pedigree. Rancher Joe Murray and wife Cathy Murray will have a host of horses up for grabs, confidently offering colts two generations off of the royal Driftwood.

The event will kick off a little after the C.T.R.A. (California Team Roping Association) team roping runs scheduled to conclude at 4 p.m.