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Redskins Kick Off Youth Football Season
With the Delta Youth Football League beginning its season for over 12,000 players ages 7 to 14 in the northern San Joaquin Valley, the RiverOak Redskins are not wasting any time in preparation for the upcoming gridiron campaign.

The Redskins are conducting full-contact workouts for their separate age-related team divisions, preparing to build on a successful season in which the Redskins enjoyed a post-season berth.

"The first thing that we want everybody associated with our team to know, is that the kids are out here to have fun," Redskins president Arthur Harris said. "Our No. 1 goal is to first have fun, second goal is to teach the kids more discipline in sports, and finally we want to go out there and try and win some games."

After being at the center of a controversial national news story last season, with criminal charges brought against an assistant coach for rushing the field and taking down an opposing team's player, the Redskins are looking to get past that but no there will be challenges ahead.