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River-Oak Redskins Open Season With A Tough Draw
The River-Oak Redskins opened up the Delta Youth Football League schedule on the road against an always challenging North Stockton Bengal organization. The Redskins suffered through losses on each level, but were able to gain some encouraging signs heading into this weekend's home opener.

"I really felt like our kids gave it their all," Redskins JV head coach Anthony Brooks Sr. said. "This was the first game of the season and they took a hard hit with the Bengals scoring the first touchdown. They put up 26 points really quick."

After making minimal headway in the opening half, the Redskins were able to respond to the halftime talk, competing at a more intense level throughout the game's final two periods.

"After halftime, after all the coaches got together and had the opportunity to talk with the kids about their responsibilities and that Redskin pride," Brooks said, "they came out that second half and played their hardest."

In the face of adversity against a Bengal team with all the momentum, and home-field advantage, the Redskins didn't buckle, a trait that was evident during last season's Super Bowl run.

"You know, these kids could have easily given up," Brooks said. "But they didn't give up. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to score, but once again, the kids never gave up.