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Riverbank Booters Still Comfortable After Loss To Escalon
After screeching out of the gate to three consecutive Trans-Valley League victories, the Riverbank Bruins ran into a minor setback after falling to the Escalon Cougars 2-1 at Riverbank High on Sept. 20.

The Bruins surrendered a late goal at the end of the opening period and scrambled to tie things up after Escalon put in their second goal, taking a 2-1 lead. But time ran out on the host Bruins and they fell in the league contest.

The Bruins went on the offensive with about 14 minutes remaining in regulation only to watch as shots skimped over the crossbar or landed in the Escalon goalie's hands time after time.

"They have a pretty good defense," Bruin senior Vicente Vigil said. "I played with a lot of those guys during the summer leagues and I told our players we were going to have problems with these guys, but we can't give up."

The loss came just days after the Bruins demolished the Ripon Christina Knights 11-0 in an event that saw the Bruins take 26 shots on goal. Riverbank was unable to string the three or four passes together needed to break the challenging defensive sets that Escalon threw at them, however. The Cougars left no ball unchallenged and no passing lane left free.