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Southern Baptist Church Has New Pastor
A new pastor Doug Myers has been named to the Oasis of Hope Ministries at 6600 Claus Road in Riverbank.

A Modesto resident who has substituted at the church for the past six months, Myers, 52 was confirmed by the Southern Baptist Church Convention as the Riverbank church's permanent pastor in May.

"I have been preaching and teaching for 25 years," said Myers. " My goal for this church is a family centered ministry, meeting the needs of families, having them train their children to have strong moral and spiritual foundations for their lives with a personal and growing relationship with Christ."

He and his wife Margi, along with church members, were running a Vacation Bible School there this past week. Celebrating 25 years of marriage last month, they have a son Jared who is due to start college through a home schooling arrangement of the Thomas Edison State University in Indianapolis.