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Amid Closures, Revive Salon Lives Up To Its Name
revive salon
Jackie Wilson named her business Revive Salon in the spirit of some Monat shampoos and conditioners they use, but also jokingly added “We’re here, we’re reviving, we’re coming back after coronavirus, let’s revive your hair.” - photo by AUTUMN NEAL
hair stylist
Hair stylist Paris Nicole was working with Sonja Herndon’s hair on Monday morning. Jackie Wilson enthused that Paris has a way with blondes.

Though Revive Salon is Jackie Wilson’s first foray into business ownership, she’s been involved in cosmetology and hair care since she was five-years-old.

Wilson comes from a family full of cosmetologists, so when the building her mom and aunts used to do hair in when she was a child went up for sale, it felt like a sign.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I was five,” she shared. “COVID happened and I looked at my husband and said ‘Well, if we’re going to do it, now’s the time.’”

Mid-May, Wilson left her job at Pin-Ups Salon and Spa on good terms, signed the papers to a familiar building, and got to work. In just a matter of days, the salon was fully equipped and ready for customers. Revive Salon opened its doors on the first of June, a fresh start for the owner and employees.

“I wanted it to be clean and kind of a farmhouse look, so you feel like you’re in an actual place where it’s nice and everything, but also comfortable that you’re at home,” Wilson explained of the vision.

Moreover, she added. it’s not just the decor that adds to this peaceful environment, but the employees themselves: “They’re so caring to each of their clients ... They make them feel at home, they don’t worry about the next one that’s coming in, they’re focused on the one that’s in the chair.”

Working for Wilson at Revive Salon are Charlotte Avila, Oscar Padilla, Paris Garcia, and Kait Coker. All have appointment bookings available online through their personal social media and at Revive Salon’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Additionally, all those that are working there have lived and grown up in Oakdale.

“I have big dreams for the salon and want it to be something that’s here for a long time, plus be a big part of Oakdale as well,” Wilson continued.

Noting that her brother, Charlie Gilstrap, passed away a couple of years ago, she said the overwhelming love and support she and her family received after her brother died truly solidified her commitment to the Oakdale community.

“That’s Oakdale, it really is. That’s something I want my kids to be part of because you don’t find that just anywhere,” she said simply.

Though the community is the reason she decided to plant here, it was really her brother that helped her make the jump.

“I’d been talking about a salon for years,” Wilson relayed, and this reminded her of something Charlie said: “Don’t talk about it, be about it.”

Inspired, Wilson has continued to try new things all in pursuit of lifelong dreams – and opening Revive Salon is just the most recent development.

The salon, which currently “offers anything you can imagine for hair – extensions, haircuts, color, kids cuts … (Oscar) does barbering, like shaving and nice fades,” as well as some spray tanning, hopes to eventually expand and do nails, facials, and eyelashes. Wilson also is working hard to maintain COVID-19 regulations, with everyone wearing masks, having direct access to hand sanitizers, keeping stations six feet apart, and more. Though they currently can only book ahead of time, once restrictions lift they will be accepting walk-in appointments.

“I feel like it’s another one of my children,” Wilson said, laughing, referring to the salon. “It’s something I’ve wanted forever, it’s something I don’t want to see fail ... and it won’t fail. I have a huge family base here and a support system ... it’s Oakdale, everyone supports everyone.”

Revive Salon is at 145 N. Second Ave., Suite 4 and the phone number for appointments is (209) 764-3139. Check out their Facebook page for each hair stylist’s individual feed as well.