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Ammo Plant Progress Under City Scrutiny
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Riverbank city officials visited Boston last week for discussions with the Army on shifting their equipment from the Riverbank ammunition manufacturing plant as soon possible so the city can move ahead with its conversion to an industrial park. They will present their findings at the Riverbank City Council meeting set for Monday Aug. 10.

The council meets regularly on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 7 p.m. and until the downtown development work is complete convenes at the Community Center at Sixth and Santa Fe streets.

In a related agenda item, ammunition plant tenant the Donaldson Company will explain their plans to expand their business.

Council is also expected to issue a proclamation at the meeting commending Sheriff's Deputy Rachel Buehler who has headed recent work to expand the adult work program that uses honor farm inmates at the end of their sentence to clean alleyways, cut down grass and brush and generally tidy up the city.

The council will look at a local plan to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide the handicapped with access. The Act was passed 17 years ago but many communities are still not in full compliance.

Council will review two options for the route of the North County Corridor aimed at providing an east-west expressway from Highway 99 to a point east of Oakdale.

Stanislaus County, Oakdale and Modesto are partners with Riverbank in a Joint Powers Authority to get the road built.