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Area Fireworks Booths Draw Holiday Crowds
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Independence Day falls on a Sunday this year. So most fireworks displays - plus family barbecues and other celebrations - presumably will happen that night and most workers will still have Monday off work to recover.

Riverbank City Hall will be closed on July 5. So, too, will the Post Office and all federal government offices.

Fireworks sales in Riverbank were scheduled to start Monday and can continue until July 6. Nobody under 18 can sell or buy fireworks.

Nine non-profit organizations that paid the City a $50 permit are selling fireworks at brightly decorated wooden booths scattered around town.

The groups and the booth's addresses include Riverbank High School (RHS) Music Boosters at 6331 Oakdale Road, Community Praise Tabernacle at 2906 Patterson Road, Riverbank Assembly of God at 6344 Roselle Ave., Apostolic Assembly at 2119 Patterson Road, River Oak Redskins Central Valley Trojans at 2213 Patterson Road, Riverbank Youth Baseball & Softball Association at 3442 Atchison St., Abundant Life Church at 6000 Terminal Ave., RHS Athletic Boosters at 2525 Patterson Road and RHS Reserve Officers Training Corps Boosters at 2827 Topeka.

People may buy and ignite only "safe and sane" fireworks approved by the fire marshal. Bottle rockets, jumping jacks, anything that leaves the ground or jumps around are judged dangerous and illegal except at controlled public displays.

Vegetation at this time of year is very dry and easily ignited by the sparks and flame of improperly supervised fireworks, officials noted.

One public display in the area is a longtime event.

Woodward Reservoir outside Oakdale will host its 15th Annual Fireworks Celebration on Sunday, July 4 at 9:30 p.m.

Staff at the reservoir recommend those attending the event plan to stay inside the park until the fireworks display is over. Due to the popularity of this event, there is a high potential the park will be closed to all inbound traffic and a high potential for closure of entry roads to the park - regardless of whether patrons have purchased day use and/or camping fees for the day - according to park staff.

For questions regarding this event, contact Woodward Reservoir at 847-3304 or

Many area cities, as well as California State University, Stanislaus, have discontinued fireworks events over the past few years due to the economic downturn.