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Busy Weekend Despite The Heat At Crossroads
Employee Gloria Martinez shows off the BTS (Back to School) display inside the Riverbank Staples store in Crossroads. Over the weekend, they were giving away backpacks and water bottles during this first seasonal promotion. News Photos By Ric McGinnis
4h animals
Youthful visitors, 8-year-old Maxine and 6-year-old Harvey Darpinian, of Escalon, took time out from the heat Sunday afternoon to check on some rabbits on display in the parking lot in front of Staples at the Crossroads shopping center. The River-Oak 4-H Club was invited to set up their exhibit, which included a horse, as part of Staples BTS (Back to School) promotion over the weekend.
Saturday and Sunday were opportunities for kitty cuddlers to take advantage of the Kittypalooza Adoption Event put on in the ASTRO Foundation Mobile Adoption Center. It was stationed in the parking lot in front of PetCo at Crossroads in Riverbank on both days.

Two events held next to each other over the weekend brought a variety of interesting things for families to participate in at the Crossroads Shopping Center, despite the high temperatures.

Staples Office Supply held its BTS (Back to School) Block Party on Saturday and Sunday.

School supplies were on sale and some giveaways were happening inside the store both days, while out in the parking lot, the River-Oak 4-H Club had a horse and some show rabbits on display for kids who came by.

Staples’ savings deals, raffles, giveaways and more included special deals benefitting local schools in Riverbank.

They included California Avenue Elementary School, Cardozo Middle School, Cornerstone Christian School, Crossroads Elementary School, Riverbank Language Academy and Riverbank High School.

At the same time, and on the same days, the local ASTRO Foundation brought its Mobile Adoption Center to the parking lot next door, in front of PetCo, for a felines only weekend dubbed a ‘Kittypalooza’ Adoption Event.

On other days, the ASTRO RV would find its cages filled with both dogs and cats who are looking for a new home.

Kitty cuddlers found a large supply of ‘fur babies’ from which to choose there, with many of the felines snoozing away in the heat of the afternoon.

ASTRO Foundation officials said they’ve been regularly setting up near PetCo lately, on weekends.

The ASTRO Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) volunteer-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing homeless dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters in the Oakdale/Riverbank area.

They say that, by working with a network of volunteers, foster caregivers, and local veterinarians, ASTRO Foundation is able to rescue hundreds of animals every year. They provide these animals with care and temporary homes until they can be placed into their permanent homes.

ASTRO Foundation is currently raising funds to build a 4,800 square foot no-kill pet adoption center to be located on Wakefield Court in neighboring Oakdale.