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Cannery Site Plan Hits Delays
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Riverbank's former cannery site will be standing undeveloped for quite a while yet.

Staff proposes the city do its own environmental impact report for the downtown specific plan and the included cannery site rather than have the landowner Sun Garden Gangi participate but will be unable to fund this until mid-year budget adjustments.

Community Development Director J.D. Hightower recommended in a consent item of Monday's meeting that the city terminate its arrangement for Sun Garden Gangi to contribute $80,000 toward preparation of the EIR, but hold the apparent low bid of $133,000 for possible adoption and have the EIR for the downtown specific plan included in mid-year budget adjustments.

To tie the cannery into the existing downtown, the downtown specific plan envisages constructing an underpass beneath the railroad tracks at Santa Fe Street and abandoning the at grade crossing of Patterson Road and the tracks.

This plan also would require new traffic signal lights at Santa Fe Street and Callendar Avenue. That signal in tandem with signalization at Claus Road and State Route 108 would allow the city to remove regional truck traffic from First Street.

The City has an Overpass Account with a balance of more than $300,000 that is more than enough to fund EDAW's low bid to prepare the EIR, Hightower noted.

Resident Charles Neal, however, charges that the Overpass Account was intended for an overpass at Kentucky Street and the funds legally cannot be transferred even though that project was determined infeasible and removed from the recently adopted general plan.