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Cardozo School Honored For Academic Growth
Trustees of Riverbank Unified School District honored Cardozo Middle School for recording a 40-point growth in the Academic Performance Index, API, up among the leaders in the county's high performing middle schools.

Standing in for Principal Kim Newton to accept a district plaque, Vice Principal Kevin Bizzini commented the school had made exceptional progress this year and complimented the students and departments heads for their efforts.

Among the schools in the district, Cardozo climbed from a base score of 688 points in 2010 to 728 in 201. Riverbank High rose from 716 to 741, Mesa Verde edged up from 746 to 769, and Riverbank Language Academy rose from 740 to 748.

California Avenue Elementary dropped from 749 to 743 while among small schools, Adelante Continuation High climbed from 498 to 499 and Rio Altura Elementary dropped from 763 to 674. Rio Altura now no longer exists and its former students were distributed between Mesa Verde and California Avenue Elementary schools last year.

As a district, the Riverbank Unified showed a rise in points from 715 to 733.

The number of students who participated in the testing was 1,987. Of those 1,560 were Hispanic and pushed their academic growth from 702 to 721 points; 378 were White and advanced from 754 to 771; 1,585 were socio-economically disadvantaged and climbed from 695 to 718 and 1,072 were English learners and advanced from 675 to 690.

The state has a target goal of 800 for all schools.