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Cattle Confiscated In Riverbank
Stanislaus County Sheriff's Detectives recently responded to a ranch in the 4400 block of Kentucky Avenue in Riverbank for reports of dozens of cattle that were unhealthy and not receiving proper care. The report came from the Stanislaus County Animal Control Office, which started the investigation of the malnourished cattle.

Sheriff's Detectives, Animal Control Officers, a county veterinarian, and officials from the State Brand Inspectors office entered the ranch and checked the health of the cattle. County Animal Control officers decided to seize all of the animals when it was determined they weren't receiving even the most basic of care.

"The vet said they hadn't been fed and they weren't receiving any vaccinations," said Royjindar Singh, sheriff's department spokesperson. "There was no food on site and they can't use the excuse that they were grazing because they were pretty much standing on bare ground."

The cattle were loaded onto trucks and transported to the Oakdale Auction yard to receive food and medical attention.