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Centennial Committee To Plan 2022 City Celebration
The former Carnegie Library and now Museum, on Santa Fe Street, next to City Hall North in downtown Riverbank, was built in 1921. The county took it over, then built the new branch library further down Santa Fe. The city now owns the building and the Riverbank Historical mans and maintains the artifacts stored within. The City Council, along with the Society, are working to form a committee to plan a celebration commemorating the 1922 incorporation of Riverbank.

The Riverbank City Council will be helping to organize a committee in the community to plan how, and when, to celebrate the city’s upcoming centennial, in 2022.

“Incorporated in 1922, the City of Riverbank has changed significantly over the past 100 years,” City Manager Sean Scully reported at the rcent online council meeting.

“It is common for communities to celebrate this type of milestone in a variety of different ways (parades, festivals, community dinners, new monuments etc.),” Scully wrote in his report to council members. “The Council has previously mentioned that, with the centennial approaching next year, discussions should begin in regard to what types of events and recognitions would be appropriate to highlight this milestone.”

He said that a centennial committee should be formed soon to begin work on spearheading this effort.

Additionally, Scully said, the Riverbank Historical Society has reached out to the city encouraging the council to consider establishing such a committee.

It could take a number of different forms, depending on council’s direction. It could include elected officials, interested community members, nonprofit partners, the business community and city staff.

“The staff would like to receive direction from Council, in order to jumpstart this effort on the formation of a committee,” the city manager said.

Scully received a bit of initial direction on ideas that could be reported back to the Council for action as the plan for celebration takes shape.

Initial suggestions included whether or not to have several larger events, or possibly one or two each month, of the centennial year.