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Centennial Gala Dinner Postponement Announced

Yet another change has been made in an activity here in Riverbank, because of COVID concerns.

The planned Centennial Gala Dinner that was to begin the celebration of Riverbank’s 100th birthday has been postponed, according to reports from the organization’s committee.

Meeting last week, committee members voiced worries that Feb. 5, the planned date for the dinner, might be too soon, because of the continuing surge in COVID cases and hospitalizations. Together, they decided to postpone the date, possibly until March 5, maybe later, as necessary.

Originally, as announced in the newsletter the city sends out with the water and sewer bills, the Gala Dinner was planned for Saturday, Feb. 5, at the Riverbank Community Center.

Doors were to open at 6 p.m., with the dinner to begin at 7 p.m. They were advertising dinner, music, wine and an auction. The theme was to be “A Roaring Good Time,” with 1920s attire suggested.

Other events planned include a Founder’s Day Carnival, a “No Dance” Dance, possibly referring to when dancing was outlawed here in Riverbank, due to the rowdiness of local participants, and a picnic and car show, a scavenger hunt, and a Centennial Art Mural, are planned all throughout the year.

Historical Centennial Calendars are also going to be available.

The City of Riverbank was incorporated on Aug.23, 1922.