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Changeable Weather Marks Riverbank Skies
Weather pix.jpg
A dark, angry weather cell can be seen as it departs, eastward, over downtown Riverbank midmorning on Tuesday, Feb. 5. It sprinkled some rain, but also brief spurts of hail, along with an extremely light dusting of snow flurries on parts of town before departing. Behind, it left sunny, partly cloudy skies to the south, for the remainder of the day. Ric McGinnis/The News

If the weather in Riverbank was undesirable one day last week, all one had to do was blink, and it improved, almost before one’s eyes.

An odd series of weather events over town saw the skies unload hail, then a brief flurry of snowflakes on Tuesday morning, Feb. 5. In a mere twinkling of an eye, though, the dark gray cloud gave way to puffy, partly cloudy, sunny skies for the rest of the day.

The weather cell took a swipe at Riverbank as it sped eastward, toward the Sierras, where it ultimately dumped a load of snow, the first of two large accumulations in the mountains last week.

As this week began, some residents in the hills were still without power, others with rural roads waiting to be cleared of snow.

More rain and snow was expected this week, beginning Wednesday, but as part of a much warmer weather system.