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City Council Members Take On Added Duties
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At the beginning of each new calendar year, the Riverbank City Council reviews the various boards and committees that the council members have been serving on and make any changes necessary. This year, with Rachel Hernandez newly elected to the Riverbank City Council she has stepped up to participate in some of the boards and committees as well as the other council members who have retained their positions.

Noted in the summary for this item on the council agenda is that the “City’s participation in various intergovernmental boards and committees provides a valuable opportunity for the City’s legislative body to actively engage in the discussion and decisions that affect the residents of Riverbank, and ensure the City’s best interests are taken into consideration.”

Councilmember Cal Campbell will be the primary representative and Vice Mayor Luis Uribe will be the alternate on the League of California Cities Central Valley Division (CVD) Executive Committee. This group is made up of local government officials who provide guidance and direction on activities.

The North County Corridor Transportation Expressway Authority Board, according to Mayor Richard O’Brien, has folded and is no longer an active board. This Board was created for involvement in creating the best route for the northern expressway from Highway 99 to the eastern side of Oakdale. O’Brien was the primary on the board and Councilmember Darlene Barber-Martinez was the alternate.

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Special City Selection Committee meets at the minimum once a year in Modesto. The primary representative is Barber-Martinez and the alternate is Vice Mayor Uribe.

Barber-Martinez will be the primary representative on the Stanislaus Homeless Alliance Board that meets once a month in Modesto. The Alliance was formed to assist with homeless services, planning and funding among Stakeholders in Stanislaus County and consists of community leaders that are governmental and nongovernmental.

Hernandez has been selected to be the primary on the Stanislaus Office of Emergency Services Disaster Council with Uribe as the alternate. This group meets once a year and they make recommendations on matters of development of mitigation, disaster preparedness, response and recovery plans, and programs for potential local emergency. This position has a two-year term.

Interest Group Member of the Stanislaus County Workforce Development Board (WDB) formerly known as the Stanislaus Business Alliance Board only has a primary representative which is Uribe and there is no alternate. They are responsible for shaping and strengthening local and regional workforce development to support small, medium and large business job growth.

The Lower Stanislaus River Trail Improvement Plan Committee has not been active; however, Campbell was previously appointed and will remain on the committee. This group was created to help enhance public use and stewardship of the lower Stanislaus River.

Uribe has volunteered to be the primary on the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) which is a seven-resident member advisory committee. They discuss the City’s operating budget and make recommendations on projects, programs and policies to the City Council. Hernandez will be the alternate.

Friends of Jacob Myers Park (JMP) is a non-profit organization that usually meets on a monthly basis in the City Hall Council Chambers. Campbell will be the primary, Barber-Martinez, and Hernandez will be alternates. They discuss projects, park planning and fundraising for Jacob Myers Park.