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City Downtown Market Marks Halfway Point
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Singer Kari Arnold knocks out a vocal, right, supported by Keytar player Kristyn Sorrenti, middle, and guitarist/instructor Craig Sorrenti. They performed as part of a group called Blade Runner, organized by the Central Valley Rock Academy, which provided the entertainment for last Tuesday’s edition of the Downtown Market. Ric McGinnis/The News

The Downtown Riverbank Market celebrated its scheduled mid-point this past Tuesday, with vendors of all types, offering up food, beverages, merchandise and live music to shoppers.

It began in May and will conclude on the last Tuesday of June.

A variety of fresh foods, along with some prepared items, were available for purchase from participating vendors who sold clothing, jewelry, art work and beverages. There was even a taco truck available onsite for the most recent market event.

All the while, a group of music students performed for shoppers mid-block. The market is on Santa Fe Street, between Third and Fourth streets.

The bands, students in a number of configurations, performed pop and rock music for an appreciative crowd that had gathered around.

They were part of Central Valley Rock Academy, led by music instructor Craig Sorrenti, who offers both guitar and bass lessons as well as band coaching.

Organizers look forward to welcoming in more fresh produce vendors being part of the market as the summer season gets into full swing.

A taco truck is just one of the many types of food available at the Downtown Market on Tuesdays in Riverbank. In addition, shoppers can purchase a variety of cold drinks, fresh and prepared foods, and a variety of arts and crafts items. The event will be held each Tuesday for the rest of June, from 5 to 8 p.m., on Santa Fe Street between Third and Fourth streets. Ric McGinnis/The News