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City Recreation Department Proposes New Fees
City of Riverbank Recreation Department officials have proposed doubling the fee for large group use of the gazebo at Jacob Myers Park and setting a $100 per day fee for Castleberg Park baseball tournaments because of the extensive cleanup required after events.

The proposal was part of the suggested changes in parks and recreation programs and fees presented to the Riverbank City Council on March 8.

Director of Parks and Recreation Sue Fitzpatrick said the gazebo is often used for very large events that create the need for additional park aide services and costs to the city for garbage removal and supplies.

The current fees of $100 for non-residents and $50 for residents would only be doubled if more than 50 people were involved, she proposed.

There was previously no fee for Castleberg Park tournaments.

But such tournaments require a great deal of maintenance work at the park that is not done by the organization. Last year, she said, a park maintenance worker spent an entire day cleaning the park after a tournament. The city also needs a park aide on site to monitor park maintenance at events that draw very large numbers, she added.

The recreation department proposed four new programs, a water polo camp at a fee of $35, tiny tot tennis at $25, beginning tennis at $40 and Shakespeare Camp for Kids at $50.

Other programs in which fees remain the same or continue without fees appear in the newly published Activity Guide for spring and summer. This guide is free and available at City Hall and some stores around the Riverbank area.