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City Seeks Funds For Home Programs
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Riverbank is seeking further state funding for both first time home buyers and owners wanting to rehabilitate their homes.

"The impact on people's lives is amazing. I see the effects everywhere and they are phenomenal," said Mayor Virginia Madueno in backing the March 12 resolution to approve the application for the Community Development Block Grant funds.

The Finance Department and Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA) have prepared a grant application for $1 million for home buying and rehabilitation plus $75,000 for a planning technical assistance grant for a fire suppression study.

Eighty-two interested applicants remain on the first time home buyers list in search of affordable property, said Finance Director Marisela Hernandez. About 11 to 13 additional loans remain from previously received state Housing and Community Development and CDBG grant funds. Additional funding from this year's available grant would provide assistance for an estimated eight extra home purchases.

The fire suppression grant money was requested by the LRA to study the equipment and methods needed for fire protection at the Riverbank Industrial Center.