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City Skate Park Open For All-Age Boarders
When the sun starts dipping toward the western horizon in the afternoon, warm Riverbank temperatures start to dip a bit. It is then that skaters ... and scooters ... come out to take some turns in the bowl, ramps, jumps and steps that are the Skate Park at the corner of First and Santa Fe streets. Ric McGinnis/The News

Yes, school has returned, after a fashion, to the campuses of Riverbank, but that doesn’t mean there’s no summer fun left to be had.

Daylight Savings Time doesn’t end until Sunday, Nov. 1 this year. And summer doesn’t officially end until Tuesday, Sept. 22, so there’s still plenty of daylight available in the afternoon and evening to continue outdoor activities.

While hours and days for recreational and lap swim at the Riverbank Swimming Pool have been extended through August, there’s also free fun available to those wishing to learn, or perhaps hone, skateboarding skills at the Skate Park at First and Santa Fe streets.

The bowl, the ramps, edges, steps and rails available remain at the ready, just waiting to be attacked and overcome. All it takes is a little practice. And it’s available to skaters of all ages and skill levels; a good way to get in some exercise and outdoor activity in these pandemic times.
Skateboarders and scooter operators have been able to use Riverbank Skate Park to practice and hone their skills. Whether it's the bowl, the ramps, the rails, the jumps or the steps, in groups large and small, or individually, they're still able to come out to work on their techniques. Even now that 'distance learning' has started up in the local schools, there's plenty of daylight left in the day to work out. Ric McGinnis/The News
At the corner of First and Santa Fe Streets, it is popular with participants of all ages and skill levels during the summer, but now that 'distance learning' has begun for the new school year, they still have sunlight towards the end of the day that allows them to work on their techniques. Ric McGinnis/The News