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Claribel, Roselle Intersection Work Shows Signs Of Progress
Roselle Sign
More progress is beginning to show, as signs indicating the street names have been installed at the intersection of Roselle Avenue and Claribel Road just south of the Riverbank city limits. Road work continues as indicated by construction barriers marking where current stop lines are enforced, but guidelines showing new lane configurations for the stoplights are in place for painting soon. Ric McGinnis/The News
Claribel at Roselle
Construction barriers indicate where present stops are required, but guide lines evident last week at the intersection of Claribel and Roselle, south of Riverbank, show that cars will soon be stopping much further back, as indicated by proposed crosswalk lines on the ground. Originally scheduled to end in February, the project has faced a number of rain delays since it began in October. Ric McGinnis/The News

Signs indicating the street names are up, but upcoming stop light instruments remain covered while work continues on the intersection of Roselle Avenue and Claribel Road south of the Riverbank city limits.

Regular travelers through that junction will have noticed that the project’s electronic caution signs indicate, at this time, that the work that was expected to be finished by May 15, obviously hasn’t yet been completed.

The original start date of the project was listed as Oct. 2, 2018, but numerous rain delays have impacted the planned schedule. The project was originally supposed to be completed by Feb. 28 but the higher than normal rainfall over the winter months often forced crews to stop work.

Though obviously delayed, progress is now evident there, with street signs installed on the stoplight booms, and extensive guide lines marking the pavement where new alignments for the lanes are now awaiting the final paint.

The new lane configurations will impact where cars stop for the lights, with crosswalks clearly indicated on all four sides of the intersection.

Some turn lanes have been added to the mix, as indicated where stoplights are installed and the guide lines have appeared. The stoplights remain covered, but indications show that traffic cameras may have been installed on them as well. The intersection remains a signed four-way stop while the work continues on getting the stop lights operational.