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Council Committee Assignments Revised
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The City of Riverbank has revised its list of council and staff members who represent the city on committees meeting with outside agencies.

The only real change, City Clerk Linda Abid-Cummings noted, is that Mayor Virginia Madueno has changed places with Councilmember Jesse James White on the Disaster Council, Madueno becoming the representative and White being the alternate.

The list of committees with their individual liaison members runs as follows: Central San Joaquin Valley Risk Management Authority - Linda Abid-Cummings, Al Zamora as alternate.

Child & Families First - Sue Fitzpatrick, Kerrie Webb as alternate.

Employer Risk Management (ERMA) - Abid-Cummings, Zamora as alternate.

Housing Authority - chairman John Degele, Arlene Nagel, Wild Cress, Judi Rossi, Don Stewart, Frances Ross and Scott McRitchie, who recently replaced Barbara Kauss.

North County Corridor Transportation Authority - Councilmember Dan Fielder, Madueno as alternate.

StanCOG Consolidated Planning - Kathleen Cleek.

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control -Madueno, Vice Mayor Sandra Benitez.

StanCOG Policy Board -Fielder, Madueno as alternate.

StanCOG Rail Committee - Councilmember Dave White, Madueno as alternate.

StanCOG Techical - City Manager Rich Holmer, David Melilli as alternate.

Stanislaus County City-County - Madueno, Benitez as alternate.

Stanislaus County City Selection Committee - Madueno, Fielder.

Stanislaus County Economic Development Action Committee - Economic Development Director, City Manager as alternate.

Stanislaus County Hazardous Waste Management - Community Development Director.

Stanislaus County Mayor's Committee - Madueno, Benitez as alternate.

Stanislaus County Mayor's Committee to Employ Persons with Disabilities - Stephen Lawson, Norma Torres-Manriquez as alternate.

Stanislaus County Recycling Coordinator - Jesse James White, Cleek as alternate.

Stanislaus County Recycling Market Development Zone - Jesse James White, Cleek as alternate.

Stanislaus County Safety Council - Zamora, Abid-Cummings as alternate.

Work Alliance Board - Holmer.