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Council Remarks Prompt Talks On Conduct
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Feelings run high, animosities don't heal and opinions best left unsaid are often expressed out loud at Riverbank City Council meetings.

The situation has unruly enough at times that Mayor Virginia Madueno has called for a workshop to draw up a code of conduct and show proper respect for others. Her action came following the latest verbal outburst at a council meeting.

"I object to the city manager calling me a " ... liar," Councilmember Dave White said in public at the April 26 meeting.

"Which you are," Rich Holmer remarked loudly enough to draw a gasp from many of the senior citizens packing the chamber for a discussion of their dances.

Madueno jumped in, reprimanding both parties for their public comments and saying she was tired of being embarrassed as the representative of a city with a reputation for the worst councilmember behavior.

"If there was an exchange, I didn't hear it. We need to show more decorum and professionalism," she added.

Later in the meeting while making staff comments, Holmer said he apologized to Councilmember White "for anything I said that was not true." White replied, "I accept your apology."

No formal date has been announced yet for the workshop,