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Crime Wrap In Riverbank
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The end of August in the City of Action had a number of incidents occur including public intoxication, warrant arrests, reckless driving, and driving under the influence. The following is a crime wrap from the past couple of weeks involving Riverbank Police Services deputies.

During the graveyard shift on Monday, Aug. 26 a deputy recognized a subject who had a no-bail felony warrant for their arrest walking near Stanislaus and Fourth streets. Jesus Barragan, 28, was contacted and the felony warrant confirmed. He was booked on the warrant.

On Sunday, Aug. 25 deputies responded to Atchison and Third streets during the graveyard shift due to a report of a subject who had overdosed on drugs. They arrived on scene with the fire department to find an unconscious 27-year-old female with signs consistent of an opioid overdose. The deputies administered two doses of their department issued NARCAN from their first-aid kits to the female. She began to show improving vitals/pulse and was transported to a nearby hospital via ambulance for further medical treatment and monitoring.

Also during the graveyard shift a deputy responded to Goldstone Way and Silverock Road regarding a report of a male walking house to house with a beer in his hand and asking people for money for a youth football league. The 40-year-old man was subsequently located and was contacted by a deputy while he was sleeping on the front lawn of a residence, with an open can of beer next to him. He displayed signs of intoxication and was arrested for public intoxication.

Saturday night Aug. 24 during the graveyard shift a deputy was flagged down by a citizen reporting a reckless driver near Cardozo Middle School. The deputy located the vehicle, and observed it driving at a high rate of speed and running stop signs. A traffic stop was made and the driver, a 39-year-old man, showed signs of intoxication and had a BAC over the legal limit. He was booked for DUI.

Also during this shift a deputy observed a male adult walking back and forth in the roadway near Oakdale and Patterson roads. When contacted the man said people were after him and the middle of the road was the safest place for him. For his safety and that of passing motorists, the 33-year-old man was taken for a mental health evaluation.

A deputy stopped to check on a subject who was slumped over and holding their chest near Patterson Road and Eighth Street during the graveyard shift on Friday, Aug. 23. During the check the subject was determined to be physically fine, but was also found to have four warrants for his arrest and was also wanted for auto theft and had drug paraphernalia on him. After Flavio Montoya, 38, was medically cleared at a local hospital he was booked at Stanislaus County Jail.

Also on this shift deputies responded to a report of a solo vehicle collision near Squire Wells Way and Cottage. A 28-year-old man was found walking away from the scene and was detained. He showed signs of intoxication and after Field Sobriety Tests were performed a breath test was administered. His BAC was over the legal limit and he was booked for DUI.

During the day shift on Wednesday, Aug. 21 a deputy responded to a report of a Sylvan School District student that was dropped off at the bus stop located at Morrill Road and Jackson Avenue in the City of Riverbank. As the student was walking home, a vehicle approached. The vehicle was being driven by an older white man with long gray hair and a beard. The man told the student to get into his vehicle, but the student told him no. The man then drove away without further contact with the student. The man was last seen driving away from the area in an older, dirty gray (or possibly faded black) vehicle with a partially torn sticker on the right front passenger door. RPS personnel are working this case, school districts were advised and information has been publicized.

During the graveyard shift a deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle near Patterson and Tina Lane for a vehicle code violation. The driver, identified as Bryce Kollmar, 35, was determined to be a wanted parolee. He was arrested and booked.

Also during this shift deputies were dispatched to Atchison and Fourth streets regarding a suspicious subject acting bizarre and yelling obscenities. Arturo Galvin, 38, was contacted and determined to be a wanted parolee. He was arrested and booked.