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Impatient Locals Disrupt Riverbank Church Event

Sheriff’s Department officials in Riverbank said an unusual case of ‘road rage’ left two people under arrest on Sunday.

According to deputies, on Sunday, June 26 at approximately 12 p.m., the St. Frances of Rome Church was having its annual Our Lady of Fatima Parade. They had neared the intersection of Topeka Street and Jackson Avenue when a vehicle drove up behind those participating in the parade. The driver, identified as a 26-year-old man from Escalon and his passenger, a 25-year-old woman from Riverbank, reportedly began honking their car horn, yelling obscenities at the parade participants and shouting at them to move out of the roadway. Parishioners tried to explain to the two that this was a church function and that they had permits. The driver then stopped his vehicle in the roadway and got out. He confronted a male neighbor who tried to calm the situation, deputies said, and the female passenger got out as well, retrieved her pepper spray and sprayed at least one adult female. An adult male in the area was also pepper sprayed. The driver and passenger then got back into the vehicle and fled the area. However, while doing so they struck a parked car and continued on, committing a property damage hit and run. This event was videotaped by witnesses. The pair were later located and arrested in Escalon, and booked at county jail for hit and run, unlawful use of pepper spray, and intentionally disturbing a religious assembly.