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Police Seeking Suspect In Attempted Robbery


An unusual incident Friday morning, June 30 at the Cruisers on Patterson and Oakdale roads has police on the lookout for an attempted robbery suspect.

Deputies were originally dispatched to a hit and run; however, after talking with witnesses at the scene they realized that it may have been an attempted robbery to an armored truck. Witnesses stated that the suspect was in a Ford flatbed truck near the fuel pumps parked at an awkward angle and seemed to be fixated on the armored truck. The suspect drove backwards at a high rate of speed and hit a Corvette which spun and then hit the driver of the armored truck. The driver of the truck was struck, and was thrown against the side wall of the gas station building. The suspect then hit a cement post and drove over the median and fled the area.

Deputies tracked the suspect to a residence in Modesto and attempted to make a traffic stop when the vehicle arrived on scene but the suspect drove away at high rate of speed. Officers initially pursued but ended the pursuit due to the unsafe conditions due to the suspect traveling at speeds over 100 miles per hour.

Authorities are still on the lookout.

In other cases during the week, deputies conducted a stop on a suspicious person on First and High streets during the graveyard shift on June 26. The subject was later identified as Oscar Carrasco, 36. When the deputy made contact Carrasco fled on foot but was ultimately taken into custody. A records check revealed two felony Modesto Police Department warrants for Carrasco. He also had methamphetamines, a victim’s personal checks, and a social security card in his possession, said police. Carrasco was booked for the warrants, identity theft, probation violation, possession of methamphetamines and resisting/obstruction/delaying an officer.

Also detained that same evening was a 35-year-old man, pulled over on his bicycle for a violation and subsequently booked after police found items during a probation search. The man, Jose Valdez, 35, had two shaved vehicle ignition keys in his possession. He was booked for possession of burglary tools, a probation violation and resisting/obstructing/delaying an officer.