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September Sees Busy Pace For Riverbank Police Services

Riverbank Police Services deputies have made a number of warrant arrests, petty theft, public intoxication and DUI arrests since the month of September began. Here is a wrap of some of the incidents deputies have dealt with so far this month.

During the day shift on Wednesday, Sept. 11 deputies were dispatched to the Stop ‘N Save for a disturbance. An investigation determined that one of the 15-year-old males involved in the disturbance had also been involved in the theft of the victim’s cell phone at another location. The victim had followed him to Stop ‘N Save and confronted him. The 15-year-old male was booked at Juvenile Hall for the theft of the phone and two unrelated warrants.

The graveyard shift on Tuesday, Sept. 10 had deputies dispatched to the area of Saxon and Homewood regarding a suspicious person causing a disturbance. As a result of the incident, Arturo Galvin, 38, was contacted, arrested and booked for a parole violation.

On Monday, Sept. 9 during the graveyard shift deputies were dispatched to a vehicle collision near First and Atchison streets. When they arrived they contacted a 27-year-old woman in the driver’s seat of her vehicle which had struck a parked car and was blocking the roadway. The woman had signs of intoxication. After field sobriety tests and a breath test she was determined to have a BAC over the legal limit and was booked for DUI and for driving on a suspended license.

A deputy made a traffic stop for a violation near Central and Patterson during the graveyard shift on Sunday, Sept. 8. A 32-year-old woman was contacted during the stop and determined to have a warrant for her arrest. She was booked for the warrant.

During the graveyard shift on Saturday, Sept. 7 a deputy was patrolling near Galaxy Theatres and he saw a subject pushing his bicycle through the parking lot. The deputy recognized the 35-year-old man and knew that he had a warrant for his arrest. He was contacted and booked for the warrant.

A deputy made a traffic stop on a vehicle for a violation near Sixth and Stanislaus during the day shift on Friday, Sept. 6. A man identified as Jorge Loaiza, 41, was contacted and found to have a warrant for his arrest. A search incident to the arrest revealed a small baggie of meth and two meth pipes. He was booked for their possession and the warrant.

During the graveyard shift a deputy saw a subject walking on the railroad tracks near Atchison and Prestwick. The deputy contacted a 44-year-old man, who was found to have three warrants for his arrest. He was booked for the warrants.

Also during this shift, while investigating another incident, a deputy found a 43-year-old woman lying in the grass near the McDonald’s Restaurant. She showed signs of intoxication and was booked for public intoxication.